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About Brain & Behaviour

Brain and Behaviour Enhancement Ireland

is a body of registered Neuro Developmental Treatment Specialists who:
  1. Have successfully completed a two year Course in Neuro Developmental Treatment
  2. Have successfully passed Practical Examinations/Tests and two yearly update Examinations/Tests
  3. Have been Licensed by the Board of Practice Excellence of The Brain and Behaviour Institute

Brain and Behaviour Enhancement Ireland ensures greater protection of the public by ensuring that all its members practise to high standards (see Regulated)

The Public can avail of the services of a member of Brain and Behaviour Enhancement Ireland by contacting our centralised enquiry system in any of the following ways:

- email ( see Contact us Page)
- write
- telephone 1850 200 321

The Emergence of Brain and Behaviour Enhancement

Mary F O'Connor has been using Neuro Developmental Treatment, a drug free movement programme, in Ireland since 1994. This Programme addresses child development and Educational Challenges. Mary was the first full time Neuro-Developmental Treatment Specialist in Ireland. In the early 90s she qualified as a Neuro-Developmental Practitioner at the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) in Chester U.K. and has since taken over 1000 children successfully through an exercise based Remediation Programme designed to help them reach their potential in academic and sports areas. Prior to training as a Neuro Developmental Practitioner Mary worked as a nurse and a midwife. Having trained as a nurse in Galway and subsequently qualified as a midwife in Glasgow she worked in Canada and the United States before returning to Dublin where she worked in The National Maternity Hospital, and later in Blackrock Clinic. She studied Sociology, Microbiology and Physiology at the Faculty of Nursing at The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. More recently Mary acquired an MA (Hons.) in Advanced Therapeutic Child Care.

Institute of Neuro Physiological Psychology in Ireland

Shortly after qualifying as a Neuro Developmental Practitioner Mary became the INPP Chester representative in Ireland. In association with INPP-Chester she set up the first Neuro-Developmental Therapy Training Course in Ireland for nurses, teachers, occupational therapists etc. Her work includes regular Seminars for different organisations and support groups. Training Courses for teachers in the implementation of a school based programme for children are carried out on a regular basis.

Brain and Behaviour

In 2002 the Dept. of Health and Children in Ireland set up an advisory committee for the Regulation of Complimentary Therapies. Mary F.O'Connor has been involved in meetings with staff from the Dept. at regular intervals since that time. From early on it became clear that if Neuro Developmental Treatment was to be effectively regulated it was of paramount importance that new structures and standards were put in place. Ms. O'Connor assembled a panel of Educational Specialists, Health Specialists, and Management Consultants to put in place world class Training and Professional Practice structures and standards for Ireland. This pioneering approach in the field of Neuro Developmental Treatment was and is unique and so necessitated the founding of Brain and Behaviour Institute. In the Spring of 2005 Brain and Behaviour Institute began to implement structures and standards in order to comply fully with the suggestioned methodologies of The National Body for The Regulation of Complimentary Therapies under the Department of Health & Children. In line with this the first of the Ongoing Practical Assessments of Neuro Developmental Treatment Specialists while they worked with children was held in Ireland. The Assessment Team included external examiners.

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