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Home Symptoms

The following are among some of the difficulties reported by parents of children who present for treatment at the Brain and Behaviour Enhancement Clinic:
  1. Very quiet baby or excessively demanding
  2. May have been late to sit up, to talk, or to walk
  3. Walked very early (9 months or 10 months) ' in which case they may have missed out on some stages of development
  4. May not have crawled or crept
  5. Messy eating or eating without closing mouth
  6. Late at learning to blow his/her nose, wink with one eye or difficulty learning to whistle or click his/her fingers
  7. Awkward or jerky movements leading to spillages when pouring e.g. milk into cereal
  8. Reluctant to play with jigsaws or do tasks requiring fine motor skills
  9. Difficulty learning to tie shoe laces
  10. Difficulty learning to ride a bicycle
  11. Difficulty learning to swim properly
  12. Homework may take longer than it should
  13. Sometimes child may bring home school work not completed at school
  14. Overreaction to situations at times
  15. Child may be 'scattered or fidgety'
  16. May dislike hair being washed or nails being trimmed
  17. Avoids being hugged or tickled or sometimes may crave hugs or request frequent bouts of tickles or rough play
  18. May be 'faddy' eater and sometimes dislike 'lumpy' foods
  19. Immature behaviour ' preferring to play with younger children
  20. Difficulty getting to sleep at night ' preferring to have a light on

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