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Less Obvious Symptoms

More subtle problems, which may be present in children who are brought for treatment for academic or co-ordination problems.

  1. Shyness
  2. Fidgety behaviour
  3. Immaturity
  4. Tendency to play with younger children or feel more comfortable in adult company
  5. May be reluctant to read children's books or novels preferring to read short factual information
  6. Tendency to avoid team sports
  7. If involved in ball games tends to be the one always put in goals
  8. May have difficulty 'reading' or following a football game
  9. Never liked playing with jigsaws etc. as a young child
  10. May excel in some areas e.g. very imaginative when building lego etc.
  11. May not understand or 'get' jokes by his/her peers
  12. Overreact to certain situations e.g. cry if another child accidentally bumped into him/her (this might sometimes even be a much younger child)
  13. May like to control play or else walk off in a tantrum if someone else gets the 'spotlight'
  14. Has no special friend ' may be the one on the 'outside' of groups.
  15. May be excluded by peers ' not invited to birthday parties
  16. Despite practice may not be moving up levels in the swimming class
  17. May have dropped out of dancing classes
  18. May not be aware of feeling too hot or too cold
  19. Labels on clothes may be irritating
  20. Like the 'feel' of some materials better than others
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