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Specialist Practice Regulation

The Board of Practice Excellence monitors and implements the ‘Practice and Ethics Directive’ for all Neuro Developmental Treatment Specialists on the centralised enquiry system of Brain and Behaviour Enhancement Ireland.

The Board of Practice Excellence is chaired by Mr Donal O Sullivan, Management Consultant. Members include people from the Educational, Health and Psychological disciplines.

All BRAIN AND BEHAVIOUR ENHANCEMENT SPECIALISTS fully comply with the Practice and Ethics Directive hereunder which should reassure parents/guardians that their child is receiving an up to date Professional Service.

To maintain Specialist membership of Brain and Behaviour Enhancement Ireland the Board of Practice Excellence requires full compliance with the conditions outlined below in the Practice and Ethics Directive.

  1. The Specialist will be expected to have attained a certain level of competence in:

    1. Detecting underlying physical factors in children with specific learning difficulties
    2. Designing Home Programming
    3. Empathetic listening

    The Specialist is required to take appropriate courses/programmes, organised by the Institute or its agents, to attain the required level of competence. To be fully qualified a Specialist must achieve a grade of 60% or over in the Brain and Behaviour Institute’s Assessment. This is in addition to completing all assignments as per the Full Training Course programme. Specialists attaining below 60% performance will carry the designation of Trainee Practitioner until they upgrade. Assessment Tests will be conducted once in a Calendar year to facilitate upgrading.

  2. Specialists who wish to renew their Membership will be required, at two yearly intervals, to undertake the standard Institute Assessment Tests and achieve the Institute’s standard.

  3. All Specialists will, per annum, do an extra 15 hours learning and updating privately and 15 hours learning and updating in ‘in Clinic’ observation with others.

  4. Specialists will present themselves in manner and deportment befitting a Professional Practitioner.

  5. The place of practice of the Specialist will reflect that of a professional and be appropriate inside and outside.

  6. All Trainee Practitioner/Specialist related promotion (hardcopy, audio, video or wireless) will be forwarded to The Board of Practice Excellence (B.O.P.E.) for approval and the Specialist will only engage in public promotion with the written approval of the Board. The Specialist will forward to the Board of Practice Excellence library, all of the actual promotion for reference.

  7. The Board of Practice Excellence (B.O.P.E.) or members of the Board shall have the right during normal business hours to audit Specialist’s professional work and appropriateness of the place of practice. This would be carried out with minimum disruption to the Specialist or client.

The Practising Certificate will be withdrawn from the Specialist for breach of any of the terms of A, B, C, D, E, F and G outlined above(i.e. struck off register). Renewal of the Practicing Certificate will be considered by the B.O.P.E. only when the latter is fully satisfied that the former Specialist has rectified the situation.

End of Directive.

See the Department of Health and Children Website.
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